So you're wondering what's going on right now...

I have now shifted my main site to this boring corporate blog. There is a reason for this, I promise.

So you're wondering what's going on right now...
You can still visit the old blog at 

For the two people who visit this site, the new souless look of my blog might come as a horrifying surprise. I feel your pain and I sort of hate doing this to the site but has a I mentioned in my Corparate SellOut(TM) post a few months ago, I've been wanting to write more now, partly as a self-reflection exercise and partly to generate a document of all the thinking I generally do. Having a full-featured blog engine that handles all the nitty-gritty of drafting and formatting makes regular writing so much easier. If it wasn't for some configuration issues I had on this the last few weeks I would have tried to write a lot more.

Over the past few months I really started to read a whole lot more. I read Barton Gellman's book Dark Mirror that reflected on his communication with Edward Snowden and how he handled writing the stories for the Washington Post with pressure coming from the US intelligence community. I also started reading This Is Not Propaganda by Peter Pomerantsev about modern propaganda campaigns on social media. The way it is written is spell-binding and poetic at times which contrasts bizzarely with it's many times dark subject matter. I've been completely captivated by it.

Edit: Another reason I reorganized my blog was due to lot of the sites I've seen many of the developers I follow on Mastodon have. I like the idea that a website can be a form of self-maintained online identity. With this in mind I set up the main landing page for my domain to be a short intro for myself.

I still have my old blog up under . I'm still going to update it once in a while with personal life updates or general whining about the state of this dystopian world. It will keep the old and unpolished design, a little secret shrine where I can daydream about an alternative version of the internet where everyone has their own hand-coded websites running on little computers running under their beds or next to their toasters.